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Susan Bordo

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Susan BordoFriday April 18 2014936 AMP2240 The body is a medium of culture If you want to read the history of society read the body The body by itself is neutral but it is the culture and society that gives the body its power The illnesses of the bodyHysteriaThe female body reflects the social aspects of the time In the 19th 1century there were stereotypes about women delicacy and dreaminess sexual prudity etc Women of this time period didnt like that they were pigeon holed into these ideal so they rebelled against it and in the rebellion they exaggerated those traits they were supposed to have Nervous tremors and faints passivity etcAnorexiabulimiaConflicting message as the culture encourages them to 2exercise power over herself and work while also maintaining a feminine physique So essentially she rebels by being thin as desired but controlling what is eaten and refusing help from friends and familyAgoraphobiaFear of social interaction public spaces during WWII it was alright 3for women to work after it became domesticised in popularity again Women who have just gotten married seemed to be the ones who suffered the most Women feel the only way to respond to the oppression from society is to self inflict action upon their body On the one hand
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