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Langston Hughes & China Achebe

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Langston HughesWednesday April 23 2014908 AMThe Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain In either case each group black and with is demanding something of the negro artistThe higherclass negro tries to tell the negro artist what to do in this case it is to make sure that the black artist doesnt make them out to be less than humanLangston refers to the middle class black people as the Nordicized Negro Intelligentsia since they are ashamed of their black past so they are attempting to move to a Nordic sensibility as fast saw possibleWhite people want maintenance of stereotypical representations of black people White people wanted black people to only produce a certain type of writingIt wasnt until white people recognized his art that black people let him inChina AchebeWednesday April 23 2014930 AMAn Image of Africa Racism in Conrads Hear
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