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Nina Morgan

PHI SIGMA KAPPAMemoToMs Nina MorganFromStudentDate4 February 2014SubCompany Profile Phi Sigma KappaIntroductionThe purpose of this memorandum is to profile one of Penn States highly respected fraternities Phi Sigma Kappa This document will contain the organization overview Greek life activities and membership information philanthropies held and participated in by the brothers audience important statistics current rhetorical identity potential communication needs and an analysis of the feasibility of the organization Organization OverviewThe brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa aka Phi Sig at Penn State University have been established as a successfully recognized organization in the Greek life community since 1899 The whole Phi Sigma Kappa organization was founded on March 15 1873 The Brothers consist of both undergraduate and graduate students with a wide variety of majorsThe fraternity was founded in order for its members to reach goals of promoting brotherhood stimulating scholarship and developing character something they also call their Cardinal Principles They have a strong connection with their alumni who help fund any repairs of the fraternity house and activities such as Founders Day brother induction Parents Weekend and all philanthropic events thrown at the house Superstars Additionally the brothers vote as a whole on who will run important positions in the fraternity in order to keep it more of a democratic system The major positions are President Vice President Secretary
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