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Nina Morgan

BCOMM 202D19 February 2014Communication PortfolioInformation Request EmailTO Sal MalbastrottiaFROM StudentSUBJECT Learning more about Phi Sigma KappaHello Sal MalbastrottiaMy name isand I am a business writer intrigued in your fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa as a successful organization in Greek Life I took a look at your fraternities website and gained a lot of valuable information but there are still many ideas I would like to learn more about involving your organizationIf you are willing to consider providing me with some exclusive insight into the daily life of Phi Sigma Kappa and maybe even a few house secrets I would be greatly appreciatedI would like to know more about the whole rush process ie the life of being a pledge Are the stereotypes of being in a fraternity true If so which specific ones and whyWhat would be the benefits of joining a fraternityHow does an organization gain respect throughout the Greek organization and gain more prestigeI realize these are personal questions that could go against your fraternities risk policies which is why I conducted you as the president of the organization Any information you can provide to these questions will really help me understand the life of a Frat Brother as well as benefit my readers who are interested in joining Greek life when they become freshmenRunning a successful organization is very time consuming so I am willing to meet you at any time any place that is beneficial to your scheduleThanks for the consideration and helpStudentFollowUp Request
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