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ENGL 221
Marcy North

BeowulfWednesday August 27 20141228 PMOn page 30 of the Anthology we see the mix of pagan and Christian and many Kennings used to tell the poem through traditional AngloSaxon A Christian scribe wrote down a pagan saga thus creating a Christianized story unfaithful in that regard to the original pagan story Mindplan is one of the most interesting Kenning in this opening There is usually not a lot of abstract in AngloSaxon but meanings such as this bring a layer of philosophy and depth to an otherwise concrete language This particular Kenning conjures images of a creator by means of the planner it is beyond a plan or a thought its a creation of the minda creation in a spiritual sense as well as a mental oneThe Exeter book is one of four very important works from this period In it are contained over 100 riddles that utilize Kenning such as one thiefguest in references to a bookworm in a particular riddle about a creature who steals the songs and stories of men It conjures images of a betrayerMany of these words such as wyrm worm and wordum word are words we have today existing as direct descendants of AngloSaxon Beowulf is a heroic poem about a young warrior of the Geat tribe visiting the Danes because hes heard they are facing a horrible monster Grendal Hrothgar is the king of the Danes Every person has a wergild or worth in gold Hrothgar paid Beowulfs Fathers wergild leading to Beowulfs family owing Hrothgar a HUGE favor In the typical heroic tale you have the action and the story of the action at the same time In Beowulf the action and the tale tell differen
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