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Marie de France

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ENGL 221
Marcy North

Marie de Frances LanvalGawainthe Green KnightWednesday September 3 20141241 PMCourtly Love fin amourvery different from literary love in the later 12th centuriesDeveloped when people has a fascination with the ethics of love and good mannerAlmost all of those involved are of elite statusoThe exception being the lowly knight gaining the attention of the eliteComes with a set of rules but they are not Christian or of society They often resist Christian and patriarchal values It is almost like a rebel love in a senseoIn an age of arranged marriage courtly love is almost always an extramarital affairoIts always about the 3rd partyalmost a response to the social moors of forced marriageoThe two lovers are beautiful deserving and loyal to each other clearly not the spouseoThis is considered good and deserved because the cheating spouse is miserable in real lifeoA woman is often socially superior to the man it is not uncommon for the woman to initiate the affairoLove is the motivation for marshal prowessthe knight goes on questsLais short st
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