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ENGL 221
Marcy North

ChaucerCanterbury TalesMonday September 15 20141226 PMThe 2nd story comes from the drunken Miller and therefore it is going to be gaudy scandalous have improprieties in it its going to have lower class characters etcChaucers flaw is that he is openminded to a fault He loves people in generalChaucer the poet hopes that we see through the comedy and openmindedness of Chaucer PILGRIM the narrator and that we come to our own conclusions about itThe original Middle English is easy to comprehend when read phoneticallyReligious characters in the book tend to break all of the trends The pilgrim and the fried are both very openminded turn the Bible into a positive thing and really spread love while admitting that they themselves committed sins like the fried having gotten girls married and then marrying them off to other men3 major classes or estatesoNobility rule and protect the countryoClergy protect and nourish the soulsoCommoners feed the populaceThe General Prologue is generally referred to as an Estate Satire meaning that the author goes through all of the differ
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