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Christian Drama

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Pennsylvania State University
ENGL 221
Marcy North

Christian DramaMonday September 22 20141224 PMDramatized Biblical stories14th 15th and 16th centuries they were popular the entire timeCycle Dramas or Corpus Christi plays even Mystery PlaysoMystery is associated with Christs resurrectionThey were not performed by professional actors rather each craft guild member took responsibility year after year for ache playoWho does Noahs Flood The water carriersThese plays had an educational role Many great authors learned about these stories from the plays themselves The audience was largely illiterateTypology the connection between one character and another The word derives from typeoNoahs flood is often prefiguring the baptism of Jesus The flood is a type of baptismIts largely believed the church itself wrote the pays so they would be as historically accurate as possibleoWriters took liberty to elaborate and add lines and plot to the stories as long as it fell in line with the biblical storyParticularly interesting considering how dangerous extrabiblical material could be to an illiterate and impressionable audience possibly thinking its cannonIn regards to the York Crucifixion we never seen Jesus expression because he is lying
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