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2nd Shepherds Play

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ENGL 221
Marcy North

2nd Shepherds PlayWednesday September 24 20141240 PMAuthor is the Wakefield MasteroKnown for his excellent dialogueAbout the 2 shepherds that follow the star to baby Jesus in the manger after the visit from the AngelThe story tells about the lives of the shepherds before the meeting of baby Jesus3 partsoThe ComplaintsCapture the medieval anachronistic POV with no relation to the middle ieast settingArticulate problems with which the audience is very familiar1oThe FarceGets the audience involved in the quickpaced farceiMak and Gill steal the sheep and disguise it as a newborn babyiiWellpaced and carefully structured to mirror the nativityiiioThe NativityBirth of baby Jesus and the visit of the Shepherds iParallel between the unrelated umbilical story and the nativity sceneoBoth revolve around the baby and gifting the child as well as the lamb in the literal and biblical senseEven the comical scenes are connects to the biblical storyoThe punishment of Mak in the blanketThe complaining scene sets a nice connection with the nativity as well as the shepherds complain about the cold even though they are willing to gift the Son of God later on they recognize what is greater than themselvesDramatic pattern to the verseoA b a b a
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