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Resume Building

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ENGL 419
Padma Patil

ResumeTuesday August 26 20141105 AMWhen looking at resumes employers often show the resume to a computer first As a result SPECIFIC keywords are needed in order to trigger the computers search program increasing the chances of your resume seeing the eyes of a human employer and increasing your chances of employment Specificity is key here The objective at the top is most important hereThe goal is to present a story so only show information that is relevant to experiences or objectivesResumes are tailored for the objective trying to be obtainedjob being applied forInclude a concentration or focus related to objective under the majorEducation Use the actual name The Pennsylvania State University and The College of the Liberal Arts Formality is key here INCLUDE University Park so employers know you attended main campus and not a satellite campus Clarify what degree is being attained here Include graduation dateoMinors should only be included in it pertains to experience or objectiveoGPA should be shown if over 30 and may be just cumulative or cumulative and majoroDo not include High School if a Junior and olderExperience This is where jobs would have gone back in the day It should be separated into
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