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HIST 020

History 20 Dr. Charles Date: / / . Puritan Dissenters & The Middle Colonies I. Puritan Dissenters A. Trouble Makers 1. Seen by other puritans as errors i. Either misguided believers or the Devil’s work 2. Were definitely not tolerated in Massachusetts B. Roger Williams 1. Arrived in Massachusetts in 1630 2. Was a puritan minister 3. Knew John Winthrop personally 4. Very charismatic; good speaker 5. Separatist (Very ridged) i. Began to pester the Massachusetts government about their church a. Belied that the church was not pure enough b. Wanted everyone to go to church c. “It stinks in God’s nostrils” 6. Separation of Church & State i. Massachusetts government had close ties to the church a. Williams believed this contaminated the church b. Wanted the separation of church and state in order to keep the church pure c. He opposed religious conformity 7. Indian lands i. Williams speaks out against the King a. Criticized him for usurping native lands ii. Even William Bradford, a fellow separatist, wrote that Williams, “fell into some strange opinions” ~ 1 ~ History 20 Dr. Charles Date: / / . 8. Banished! i. 1635- Williams is kicked out of Massachusetts a. Middle of the winter b. Seeks help from the natives c. Williams and his followers leave the following spring (1636) 9. Providence, Rhode Island i. Williams and his followers establish Providence, RI C. Anne Hutchinson 1. Arrived in 1634 2. Serious & highly educated i. Extraordinarily smart a. Her father ensured she received a first rate education ii. Had 13-14 children with her husband iii. Worked as a mid-wife (delivered babies) iv. Knew doctrine and passages from bible by heart 3. Lectures i. Given every Tuesday; spoke about the sermons given by John Cotton ii. Women attended the lectures a. Group of about 60-80 women iii. As the group grew, she began to have the twice a week iv. Men began to attend a. Violated the social order v. 1637 John Winthrop (her neighbor and minister) brings charges against her a. According to Winthrop she was “not tolerable, nor comely in the sight of god, nor fitting for your sex” ~ 2 ~ History 20 Dr. Charles Date: / / . b. She argues back 1. quotes passages from the bible that state she is supposed to teach other women 2. she cannot help it if men show up c. Charges are dropped d. Winthrop continues to fish for a reason to banish her 4. Banished! i. Anne begins to reject the election business (states that people can earn their place in heaven) ii. Winthrop charges with heresy a. She stated “The Lord, he hath let me see which was the clear ministry and which the wrong… by the voice of his own spirit to my soul” 1. Suggested that the Lord spoke directly to individuals which absolutely did not happen iii. 1638- excommunicated and banished a. Williams states, “I do cast you out and deliver you up to Satan” b. Takes her family to RI, and then to New Amsterdam 1. Dutch are very open c. She and all but one of her children are killed in a raid by natives 1. Seen as an act of God by other puritans 5. Significance- Idea that an individual can interpret the bible D. Thomas Hooker 1. Puritan minister 2. Church membership i. Clashed with John Winthrop over the make-up of the puritan church ii. Wanted to allow those who lead “godly lives” to be members ~ 3 ~ History 20 Dr. Charles Date: / / . a. Had both religious and political implications 1. Only church members were permitted to vote 2. Threatened current office holders 3. Connecticut i. 1639- Hooker and his followers leave and found Hartford, CT II. What Happened to the Puritans? A. Oliver Cromwell & the English Civil War 1. Aka “Puritan Revolution” 2. Occurred in Engl
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