HIST 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Southern Democrats, Dixiecrat, Watergate Scandal

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7 Feb 2017

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Kennedy and Nixon and their campaigns
Kennedy vs. Nixon
Had similar policies
Wanted to put money into space program
Same-ish on wishes for economy
Whe there is’t poli differee as suh, you focus more on the person/ their character
Kennedy said the other party had their tie, Eisehoer as’t strog eough o ouis
Nixon campaign said things like economy slowed a little but things are going well, Eisenhower
left good outr, should’t oe too far away from it
What was new about the debate was that it was the first televised debate between the presidents
Myth about these debates: eause these ere the first teleised oes, it’s said that Keed
won because he was better looking than Nixon who had just come out of hospital, he was young
and charming etc.
Even though the myth gets overplayed, TV politics still helped him
The actual election came to a very close victory Kennedy won by 1.7% in popularity vote
The results were worrying because Kennedy had won over more of the south, where before more
democrats used to win the south (mostly because of black voter exclusion)
Dixiecrat revolt:
3rd party delegates that were neither democrat or republican
This was going on in the late 60s
1940s, Humphrey had pushed for civil rights in the democratic party, not okay with white
democrats of the time
There was also a desegregation order eventually implemented, alienating the white southern
REALLY not okay with desegregation
States rights:
Opposed to Trua’s presidency
Stood for economic justice etc.
Stood for segregation
One of the biggest causes they fought for was the banning of interracial sex
Strom Thurmond:
led the Dixiecrats
longest standing senate member (dead now but still longest standing)
fouder of states’ rights too
eventually switched over to republican party like many dixiecrats did
found out afterward that he had a black daughter who he supported in exchange for her silence
he as a hporite eause states’ rights opposed iterraial se ut he did it ith his aid
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