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Human Development and Family Studies
HD FS 129
Sally Vavala

Chapter One Term List – Berk 1 Lifespan Developmental Psychology – Developmental Science - John Locke – - tabula rasa - continuous development Jean Jacques Rousseau - - maturation - stages – discontinuous development Darwin – G. Stanley Hall - Gesell – Normative approach – Mental testing movement – - Binet and Simon Chapter One Term List – Berk 2 Development – Three Domains of development – Growth – Maturation – Learning – Principles of development – Lifespan process – Development is plastic – Must consider historical and ecological context – Chapter One Term List – Berk 3 Ecology – Bi-directionality of influence – Multiple contexts are influential – Nature/nurture controversy – Galton and Jenson - Eugenics program - Strict environmentalists - Interactionist viewpoint – Theory Hypothesis Research – supports, or does not support, your hypothesis Chapter One Term List – Berk 4 Psychoanalytic theory Freud Id Ego Superego Identification Psychosexual development Oral stage Anal stage Phallic stage Latency stage Genital stage Chapter One Term List – Berk 5 Erikson’s Psychosocial development Behaviorism Conditioning Classical conditioning – neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with a stimulus that already triggers a reflexive response. A neutral stimulus is one that doesn’t make you do anything. There are some other stimuli that do make you produce a reflexive response – e.g., a puff of air in your face, or a bright light in your eyes. If you pair the neutral stimulus with the other stimulus enough times, you eventually learn the connection (association) – you learn that when the one stimulus comes, the other one is going to come also. Once you have learned this, you start to give the reflexive response
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