Lecture 15 Notes: Emerging Adulthood

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Human Development and Family Studies
HD FS 129
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

HD FS 129 Spring 2014 Lecture Notes 1 Lecture #15: Emerging Adulthood Jeffrey Arnett – major researcher of emerging adulthood Emerging adulthood: a distinct period of development that differs from adolescence and young adulthood - Takes place between ages 18-25 years of age & is characterized by independent role exploration and frequent change - In 1970, a typical 21 year old would be: o Married or about to be married o Caring for a child or planning a pregnancy o Done with education o Settled into a job or role of full-time mother - Today, for a typical 21 year old: o Marriage & parenthood – not for another 5 years o Education may last more years o Will experience job change - Why? o Invention of birth control, 1960s & 1970s social revolution o Increase in years devoted to higher education o Change in women’s roles  Previously expected to be married, secretary, nurse, temporary jobs - Change in how young people view becoming an adult - Love o Adolescents: dating primarily recreational/experimental o Emerging adulthood: dating, a serious search for a partner o Young Adults: 75% married with children - Work/Education o Adolescents: service jobs (McDonalds, etc)  Purpose of work to support leisure activities  95% enrolled in school o Emerging Adults:  Laying groundwork for adult occupation  60% go on to higher education  32% complete 4 or more years of college  Trying out unusual work/educational possibilities o Young adults  Settled into career 
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