HD FS 229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Under The Iron Sea, Display Rules, High Chair

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HDFS 229
Dr. Sarah Kollat
Lecture 18
Age 2
oEmotional Talk- talking ourselves out of an emotion
Example: “I’m not scared”
Age 3-4
oControlling sensory input
Control what we see, hear
Ex: parents arguing, scary movie
Emotional Response Experiments
Essential for functioning, if not working well then we may need intervention
How do we test it:
i. Still-Face
a. Age 9-12 months
b. Focus:
i. Coregulation- to examine parent/caregivers ability to soothe an infant
c. Procedure:
i. In a lab setting—unfamiliar setting
ii. Mom and infant face to face
iii. 3 parts
1. Baseline- how they interact normally (3 minutes)
2. Still Face- mother stares blankly at infant, doesn’t talk or touch
them (3 minutes)
a. This is what we study! How the infant acts
3. Reunion- mother interacts normally (2 minutes)
iv. Good Regulators:
1. Baby tries to reengage the mother
2. Withdraw and shift attention
3. May cry at the end
v. Poor regulators
1. Infant immediately starts to cry
2. They are not surprised
3. It is something they are familiar with
a. Shows that the mother is usually unresponsive and distant
to the babies needs
ii. Arm Hold
a. Shows how a child regulates their own frustration and stress
b. Age- under 12 months, usually 6 months
c. Procedure:
i. In a lab
ii. High chair with table- babies hands on top
iii. Obstacle for movement
iv. Researcher goes behind infant and gently holds hands on the high chair
d. Tendencies:
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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