HD FS 258 Lecture 49: CMAS/HDFS 258 Lecture 49

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Pennsylvania State University
Human Development and Family Studies
HD FS 258
Chad Shenk

CMAS 258 Lecture 49 Child Maltreatment & Advocacy Studies Prevention of Child Maltreatment Universal Prevention  Does universal prevention work? o “Good touch-bad touch” (OR = 2.00)  College students who took the program were 2x less likely to be sexually abused o Disclosure of sexual abuse o Adult sexual satisfaction Targeted Prevention  Risk factors for physical abuse and neglect: o Parenting stress o Welfare, low income o Coercive family interactions  Argue a lot  Throw things  Moms and dads who hit each other  Where violence is implicit  Home-visitation o NFP  Up to 2 years for new mothers  Kids are significantly at less risk for being maltreated o Healthy Families America o Project SafeCare o Home-visitations:  Support mother  Supervision of child  Make sure child gets to appointments  Teach mom how to interact with an infant  Project SafeCare o Parent training and household management o Education and support for child healthcare o
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