HD FS 258 Lecture 51: CMAS/HDFS Lecture 51

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Human Development and Family Studies
HD FS 258
Chad Shenk

CMAS 258 Lecture 51 Child Maltreatment & Advocacy Studies Flavors of Vanilla Components vs. Interventions  Parenting programs that share these (2) components: o SafeCare  CDI  PDI o Incredible Years  Done in groups  Kids who struggle with same issue  Modeling  See it done by other parents when it works  Sharing stories o Triple P  Building relationships  Promoting compliances  “Flavors of vanilla” o Parent-child emotional communication o Increased positive communication o Consistent use of time-out  Less effective components: o Teaching parents to:  “Problem-solve” child behaviors  Promote children’s social skills o Promoting children’s:  Academic skills  Self-esteem Study Guide  Know why research on components is more useful than research on whole interventions  Name 3 parent training programs o PDI o CDI
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