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Pennsylvania State University
Information Sciences And Technology
IST 240
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

• Chapter 8 o Type of Jazz  Begins in early 1940s  One of the most important changes in the history of Jazz.  Jazz was once the most popular music in the USA  Swing Jazz was becoming very old/worn out.  New generation had a lot of African americans.  Moving from a large band --- Back to a smaller band.  Each musician became more important and more reasonability.  Better trained, had more knowledge.  Music became more complex, and difficult for the average audience to follow. o Bebop Components  5 instruments  Saxophone and trumpet  Rhythm - piano, bass and Drums  Used ABA Format • A – Main melody, all instruments play same notes, same time. • B – Solo  Drums • Used for accents and punctuation. • Bombs – Spontaneous accents on the drums.  Piano • Uses accents and punctuations.  Upright String Bass • Uses walking bass line o Much more complex and interesting.  Rhythm section is more independent. o Musical Expansion  Extended Harmony(Higher Harmonics of the Overtone Series)  Overtone are silent sounds  Every sound has an overtone  A better musical sound, more of the overtone release.  Go up in a mathematica
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