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Information Sciences And Technology
IST 240
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

Chapter 6 • Swing Jazz o Music for a large Band o Began in late 1920s o Highpoints are late 1930s-early 1940s o Fletcher Henderson started swing o John Redtmen also started swing o Instruments are grouped into sections. o Cases of soloists too. o Very upbeat and lively music. o Majority of the song are slow ballads. o Swing was dancing music, so also a reason for slow ballad o WW2 ended swing since many musicians had to go to the Army o Tommy Dorsee  Great all time Trombone Player • Instrument Roles o Had 4 trumbones  Infront of trumpets o Front row, 4-5 saxophones o Rhythm sections – drums, bass.  Usually on the side o Trumpet  Lead trumpet  1 T, played main Melody, Most paid  2 T, plays the solos, improvises, also played Harmony.  3 T, plays harmony with the 1 , mini 1 trumpet player, switching parts. th  4 T, Entry position, only played harmony. Usually rookies. o Trombones st  1 T, Plays the high notes in the music, also solos.  2 and 3 , just plays harmony along with the 1 . st  4 T, plays the Bass Trombone, playing the low notes. o Saxophone  Large band has 5 saxophones st  1 Sax, Alto Saxophone, plays the high notes, and the solos.  2 sax, Alto Saxophone, plays harmony  3 Sax, Tenor Saxophone, = 1 Tenor Saxophone, plays any sax solos th nd  4 sax, 2 tenor Saxophone, just plays Harmony th  5 saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Plays the low notes o Drums  Rhythm Section  Establish and maintain the tempo  Also to give energy to the band  Maybe a solo o Piano  Reinforce Harmony and Rhythm  Plays solos
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