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Pennsylvania State University
Information Sciences And Technology
IST 240
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

Chapter 7 Duke Ellington- April 29, 1899 in DC -- May 24th, 1974 ● Composer/ arranger/ bandleader/ pianist ● highly regarded musicians in Jazz ● tried to create an art form out of jazz ● Jazz has been a popular music before this/ tried to make it more sophisticated ● His approach to orchestra as an ensemble as individuals (wanted every musician to be heard in a band) ● different approach to combinations to sound (treating sound as colors to a palette) ● Great upbeat songs. solitude/ sophisticated ladies ● He didn't come from a poor family ● formed his first band in HS . known as the Washingtonians ● Talented in art and won a scholarship, but declined the scholarship to stay with the band ● brought the band to NY to see if they can succeed but they didn’t made it. ● Then they went back to NY and found enough work to keep the band going. ● 1927 - became the Cotton House Band in Harlem. ● Developed the 4 styles at the Cotton Club ○ Jungle Style- created for this kind of performance. Instruments made animal type sounds. ○ Mood Style - beautiful slow balance to which the ppl danced on the dance floor. ○ Concerto Style - music that featured different musicians. ○ Standard Style - when ellington and the band played music and made sounds. ● him and the band also made recordings outside of the jobs. ● stayed at the cotton club till 19_2 ● then the ppl left the club because they were angry about the depression. ●
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