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Information Sciences And Technology
IST 413
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IST 413 Fall 2014 Usability EngineeringPiazza Assignment DescriptionsIndividual Piazza AssignmentsIn our class we will be using evidencebased reasoning to enhance critical thinking while using Piazza posts as a way to construct our arguments For Piazza posts each person in the class is responsible for an individual contribution This contribution entirely depends on your assigned role for the week Each week you will have a different team and role of course you may be assigned the same role a few times during the semester However you will have the chance to encompass every role and work with different people There are three roles Pro Con and Application Pro A claim and its rationales arguing for the benefitsadvantages of a topicCon A claim and its rationales arguing for the disadvantagesnegatives of a topicApplication This is an example of a topic being put into use in a real world settingYour individual post which should be one full paragraph The paragraph should contain the following elements Claims are the main point of your argument eg Automation will liberate peopleClaims can be positive or negative eg Automation will undermine peoples sense of purposeReasons provide support for your claim eg Machines do things that people used to doThere can be several reasons or a chain of reasons for a claim eg With more free time people will be less stressed and more creativeSince your paragraph must be unique to other members the earlier you post the better chance you will be the first one to propose your idea Avoid reiterating other members postsOn Piazza you will see a folder for each chapter like ch1 Within each chapter there will be a separate thread for Pro Con and Application In one week all those assigned to Pro will be ONLY discussing in Pro and so on Team Piazza AssignmentsYour Piazza team is different than your Project team Afterward the initial discussions on Piazza prior to the inclass discussions you will get together with your Piazza team to synthesize in other words make a Synthesis Post This will be a longer contribution a report of 12 pages that combines and summarizes everything together Edits are encouragedIf you see ways to improve your teammates argument please do so However make a single point per editsave so that we can see who contributed what and so that you will be able to revert changes if you decide to do that laterFor each week there should be 10 different threads 3 role threads and 7 synthesis threads for each team Your project team is fixed it will never change and this also applies to your inclass
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