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MKTG 221
Fred Hurvitz

1st WeekMonday August 25 20141006 AMWatch all 3 videos on ANGELFinish Ch1 for week 1 Marketing The process of planning and executing the conception pricing promotion and distribution of ideas goods and services in order to create mutually beneficial exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectivesMarketing Mix The various ingredients that must be planned then executed in order to accomplish and effective marketing policy4 Ps of MarketingoProduct Refers to what the business or nonprofit organization offers to its prospective customers or clientsNot just the physical product but everything offered in the exchange from ideas to warrantiesoPlace Refers to how goods and services actually get to prospective customers for sales consideration and eventual consumptionSales DistributionPhysical DistributionoPrice Refers to the amount of consideration a buyer must exchange in order to purchase a product Price ultimately determines whether the customer will purchase the product and whether there is enough revenue generated for the organization to achieve profitoPromotion Refers to the need to communicate information t
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