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Lecture 4

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• C# is a very strong typed language. • Program store and keep track of al kidns of data. • Pieces of data are stored in memory locations called variables. • Each piece has a type of data, which is used ot declare a variable • C# doesn’t have global variables • Variable can’t change type unless you change it. • Declare variable, indicate a type, give it a name, then maybe an initial value • Can’t start the name with a number, • Int 4 bytes -2 million to 2 million • Date 8 bytes • Char 2 bytes, single character • String – hold from 0 to 2 billion characters • Object, defined by your program, custom structure and size as memory allows • Bool – Boolean true or false value • Byte- 1 byte unsigned value from 0 to 255 • Decimal – 16 bytes, very high presision floating point numbers • Double- 8 bytes, also used for floating point numbers • Long 8 bytes from -9 trillion- 9 trillion • Nullable types can represent the full range of values of their normal underlying type, along with the additional value of null • Bool? B; can be true of false or null • System.Object hold many classes, system.int32, system.String • Int i = 0; int I = new int(); • Provides a unified way of working with all variable types, you don’t treat primitive types one way and objects another like in other languages. • C# types can be converted to and from objec
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