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Fall 2013 Phil 007 Confucius Notes The key characteristics of Confucianism:  Origination in China  Emphasis on obedience and discipline  Filial piety in relationships  Be humane  Loyalty  Respect for elders  Family Rituals Confucius was most concerned with creating change in government and returning it to prior orders. He wanted to spread his teachings and gain respect to be promoted to high political status -He died thinking he made very little impact. The philosophy of Confucius was concerned with  Morals  Good government that sets good examples  Out of natural desire to do so, not by force!  Compassion + love for others (This philosophy still endures today.) Confucius created the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Kung Fu Tze is the Chinese name for Confucius. Confucianism does NOT have gods or any deities. Rather respect and prayers are paid to ancestors. Some temples do exist today as a place to go pay respects to Confucius (as a great leader) or as a place to pray to ancestry -Followers believe that a refusal to worship the ancestry will bring around bad luck and that spirits will haunt them The five main relationships that Confucius valued and outlined were:  Father-Son  Eldest brother- Youngest Son (Siblings in general)  Husband-W
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