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Phil 0108 October 2013Fallacies Involving Irrelevance2It is an argument but the premises arent relevant to the conclusion because it is an appeal to ignorance This is an appeal to ignorance because the author is arguing Adolf Hitler was an Atheist but his premises are based off of a high lack of knowledge or evidence some might even say it is also an appeal to popularity5This is an argument but it meets the criteria of appealing to ignorance Neither Jones or Smith premises are accurately supported by evidence but more of an observation and opinion Humans technically speaking dont know what animals and plants feel so you cant logically say humans understand their emotions but animals are a type of mammal like humans which gives them certain rights7 This is hard to really consider an argument because it is lacking a lot of premises that arguing a point All I can tell is that this person is arguing that people listen to him which is only close to the straw Man fallacy because this person is misrepresenting his argument significantly8This is a poor argument because it appears to be more of a pers
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