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Phil 01013 October 2013Should College Football Get BannedFootball has always been a popular American tradition especially in college College football for some schools is the highlight of the school year but some critics are arguing that it should be taken away and completely banned John Williams author of the article Ban College Football Breaking Down a Debate explains the two opposing sides arguments Buzz Bissinger and Malcolm Gladwell Exfootball players are arguing for banning football while Fox newscasters Tim Green and Jason Whitlock are arguing against the banning Bissinger and Gladwells main arguments focused around Americas obsession with the game of football and how they should have competitive games of Monopoly or Rowing This would help cause less brain damage to the players who could suffer from CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy This degenerative disease causes many former football players to commit suicide due to repeated trauma to the head Team Green and Whitlock mainly argued based off of several campus statistics about how other sports such as lacrosse and baseball caused far more severe problems to players than football yet those sports arent being argued for banishment Williams portrays both sides of the argument very well but appears to support the banishment of football due to how he cites more of the case from Bissinger and Gladwells point of view rather than a less negative view of Green and WhitlockJohn Williams appears to support the banishment of football because he seems to highlight the main argument presented by Bissinger and Gladwell while depicting more of Green and Whitlock as a comical duo He did present several good aspects of the debate as he
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