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Philosophy 0105 December 2013Social Media Persuasive EssayMany people are starting to revolve their lives around technology and the social media The real issue thats being argued is if social media plays a good or bad impact on society Many believe social media is far more detrimental to society than it ever could be beneficial They argue the logic on the basis of how it emotionally easy it plays on people as well as how it can scientifically be dangerous to peopleSocial media plays one of the largest impacts on humans daily lives in todays generation but whats the benefit of emotionally being told what to do According to a user on Debateorg named xeroxicide this is a major problem He states My problem with it is this Who told you to like that post Who told you it is a good idea to send some Internet empathy to that person you will never meet who is struggling to maintain even the smallest amount of optimism And how do you even know whether these stories are true Debateorg 1 xeroxicide points out the fact that one can never truly be sure what is real or not on the internet and the only thing social media cares about is getting people to like share or tweet these stories The more attention these stories get the more profit and popularity the media will receive despite whether or not it emotionally hurts the reader The other big concern xeroxicide points out is the fact that the social media has such an influence on people that they are at the point that they will believe almost anything as if they cant think for themselves anymore He argues Why are we constantly told what to like what to discriminate against and WHY DAMMIT DO WE SOAK IT UP SO EASILY People are too suggestible these days and its far too easy for
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