Week 1: What is Ethics?

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Pennsylvania State University
PHIL 119
Shaeeda Mensah

What is ethicsTuesday September 2 20141139 AM2 schools of thought of ethicsConsequentialist1Actions are good or evil according to what results or wheat could conceivably aresult from those actionsEnds justify the meansbLittle white lieI love this taking into account feelings in order to gain a more crewarding outcome in this case compassionNonconsequentialist2We tend to think of ourselves as this more oftenaAn act is good or bad in and of itselfbSee things in more black and white termscDeontologicalcomes from the Greek deon meaning duty We tend to see dthose with these this as having integrity ideal For this course John Stewart Mills utilitarianism will be our model for consequentialist ethics Emanuels metaphysics of morals will deal with our nonconsequentialist pint of viewAristotles EthicsoThe Human Goodthe Function ArgumentWhen it comes to the highest goodwhatever it is has 3 characteristicsIt is desirable for itselfIt is not desirable for the sake of some other goodAll other goods are desirable for its sakeeudaimontwo combined words that literally translate to living for spirit but Aristotle uses more to simply mean living wellergonthe
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