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Chapter 7 Study Guide

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Chapter 7 Study Guide 1. Preprogrammed tendencies to behave in certain ways and in certain situations are best known as: instincts 2. Psychologists who support the instinct theory of motivation would argue which side of the nature- nurture debate? Nature 3. Drives that are learned through experience are known as ________ drives. acquired 4. Which of the following is not a criticism of drive-reduction theory? It is not always possible to determine what drive is reduced by a given behavior. 5.According to cognitive theory, whether you are motivated to ask that exciting person for a date depends on: 1) Your expectation of the outcome 2) Your past experiences 6. Erin's parents expect her to consistently bring home perfect grades; she receives no encouragement for her successes.According to cognitive theory, we might expect that Erin's need for achievement will be: low 7. Dissonance theory predicts that when we experience a ______ inconsistency between our behavior and our belief, we will be ____ likely to create an alternate belief concerning that behavior: larger; more 8. What do current researchers believe with respect to the relationship between hunger and stomach contractions? they are related in that the stomach sensors send messages to the brain, but the stomach sensations are not essential for us to feel hunger 9. When the lateral hypothalamus of the rat's brain is destroyed the animals: stop-eating 10. The hormone ______ is secreted by fat cells and is a potent _________ of feeding. leptin; inhibitor 11.Amodification of the glucostatic theory proposes that detectors in both the brain and the _____ monitor the rate of glucose utilization. liver 12. The text discusses four factors associated with obesity; these did not include: sensory factors 13. Many researchers believe that eating patterns during childhood and adolescence strongly influence the _____________ of fat cells a person has as an adult. number and size 14. The best advice for losing weight is to: cut back only moderately on daily calorie intake 15. If a person drastically reduces caloric intake, his or her metabolism will: decrease to conserve energy 16.Anorexia nervosa is a disorder usually found in young _____ that is associated with a change in bo
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