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Psych 9/24 Class 9 Chapter 3 –Assertive Health Behaviors – Liquids 1) Pure fruit and vegetable juices – Natural pleasant tastes – Least amount of allergens – Commercial juices not completely “pure” with fructose corn syrup added – check the label 2) Caffeine based stimulant drinks – Coffee, some teas, cola, and cocoa (all plant derived) – Diuretics: urinate more than with plain water – Sleep onset delayed, or interrupted by urinating – Can continue for 12-20 hours – Belongs to same chemical family as cocaine – Addiction can cause mild withdrawal symptoms – Some headaches for only day or two CaffeineAmounts in Beverages: Low range – cocoa (6 oz = ½ mug) Middle range – tea and ½ mug of coffee Coffee High Range – Most US coffee mugs average two servings or moderate intake of caffeine – Four 6 oz servings = 2 mugs coffee per day Coffee (natural plant product) – Positive antioxidant compounds (flavanoids) to boost the immune system Decaffeinated coffee – almost but not completely caffeine free Non-caffeine teas – Plant leaves, stems, pods. Blossoms and seeds Both kinds of teas have other beneficial nutritional substances (antioxidants, immune-system boosters) in them as well C) Sweet based drinks (soda, pop, tonics) – Poor source of water – Some fruit or naturally sweet juice flavoring – stimulates hunger – Some caffeine based colas or caffeine added non colas – Both carbonated and non carbonated – Most fructose based drinks equivalent to 11 teaspoons of sugar per 12 oz can (about 240 calories per pound) Steevia – Natural sweetener D) Milk – Natural beverage of all infant mammals Whole milk not necessary after age two – Skim or fat free okay for protein and vitamin D – Requires lactase enzyme to digest milk lactose: – Lactase production decreases with age for most humans Lactose Intolerance – 20% Europeans – 50% Hispanics – 75 – 95% African, Asian and NativeAmerican Symptoms of lactose intolerance: – Severe abdomi
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