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Frederick Brown

Psych 9/26/12 class 10 Tobacco abuse – Currently number 1 cause of actual deaths The addicted – 80% begin smoking less than 18 years old – 14% of tobacco chewers 12-17 years old start at about age 10 – May be trying to imitate professional athletes Direct Personal Health Effects – Nicotine addiction very strong – 82% of smokers would like to quit – 74% considered themselves addicted – 88% stated would never start smoking if they could start over – 65% have tried seriously to quit – Only a very small percentage have been successful Evidence – Cigarette smoke → 250 carcinogens – Snuff and chewing tobacco – Nearly tripled since 1972, among young men and teenage boys – Promotes nicotine addiction Physical and psychological changes make stopping smoking very difficult – Nicotine dependency form of disease – Can produce very strong withdrawal effects – Much personal strength needed to “stop cold” – Outside help may be needed – Some long-term smoking effects may never return to normal Direct effects on children, nonsmokers and pregnancy – From secondary (environmental) tobacco smoke: – 15% of nonsmokers yearly have lung cancer death (22,000) – Despite risks to fetus (low birth weight) – Most pregnant mothers keep on smoking – Only 23% of people stopped when they became pregnant – 38% just reduced smoking PositiveAction Fact: No positive support for using
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