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Frederick Brown

Psych 10/22/12 Class 19 Coping with specific physical disorders Ulcers – Stress reactions cause weakening of gastric tissues – Increases bacterial susceptibility – Quit alcohol and tobacco abuse and non-Rx aspirin use – Reducing stress by insight through self discovery or psychotherapy • Listen to what your body is saying about foods you are eating • If you sleep on your left side, you get less heartburn effects because the opening to the stomach is more free to stay open Headaches – Tension headaches: Head and neck muscle tension – Control by relaxation training – Be aware of how you are holding your head and shoulders – Move them into different potions – May relieve some of the muscle tightening Migraine Headaches – Regular schedules of eating, sleeping and exercise – Allergic-reaction to foods like chocolate, red wine and cheeses – Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – Too tight neck collar or necktie can restrict blood flow to the brain – Biofeedback: reduce headache symptoms by redirecting blood flow of fingers Hypertension – High blood pressure (over 120 systolic) – Alleviate the source of stress – If chronic problem, may need medication – Can use g
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