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Psych 11/05/12 Class 22 Adequate Structure – establishing patterns for structure and communication – specified by social norms – relationships determined by parties involved – taking steps directs its development Effective Communication – never expect to be perfect – state message carefully to be more understood – “let me get this straight, is this what you meant?” – be a good listener Skills of an Effective Listener – Be alert for nonverbal cues – Ask questions about feelings you sense – without prying – Attempt to reflect back feelings of the speaker's (is this correct?) – Be aware of your own nonverbal cues – Reserve judgement – Try not to give advice – Don't try to turn the other persons conversation around to talk about you – Be in the here and now, and not somewhere else Summary: Active listening is an all involving inter-communication between two people Meta-communication – Self assessing – Who does most of the talking? – Who does most of the listening? – What leads to difficulties in communicating? – How much communicating is relevant? – What kind of emotional climate is created? Characteristics of interpersonal satisfaction – Shared purposes: sense of something that was on the slide he changed – Mutual needs satisfied: – Effective structure: rules and limits – Good communication: conveying of thoughts and feelings – Sensitivity to self and others: accurately interpreting conditions and events Awareness: personal, social, and situational awareness – Realistic view of self (Johari window) – Unique interpersonal style distinctive way of relating to others – Accurate (honest) view of other (no halo effect) – Accurate view of the relationship – Is it satisfying? – Are dissatisfactions present?
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