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Frederick Brown

Psych 12/05/12 Class 30 For the final, there will be 2 or so questions from each summary section of the chapters 1 Irregular working hours: Night and shift work – Major biological, psychological, and social source of stress – More than 20% of world's working people on some permanent non-daytime work schedule – Negative effects produce cumulative stressor effects on: – Sleeping – Eating – Family life – Social life Burnout: What to do about it 1. Become aware of problem 2. Take responsibility for doing something about it 3. Achieve some degree of cognitive clarity 4. Develop new tools for coping, improving the range and quality Steps to reduce impact of stress – 5 of the in ones the book Coping effectively with stress in the workplace Primary Appraisal – Separate appropriate from inappropriate emotional reactions – Recognizing that we feel stained by our job Social Support – Can provide support and reassurance – Outlet for expressing their emotions Dealing with the source of stress – Evaluating the stressful situation – Correctly pinpointing the problem – Not oversimplifying Secondary Appraisal – Formulate alternative courses of actions – Attack the problem – Withdraw from the situation – Creatively arrange compromise – Balancing rewards and costs – Taking action – Using stress for personal growth Unemployment – Unemployment is not simply a stressful economic problem – Work is an important source of identity, esteem, esp
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