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Frederick Brown

Psych 11/29/12 Class 27 Divorce Rates Educational Level – The lower the educational level, the higher the divorce rate Occupational Status – More common among lower socioeconomic groups than professional groups Family Background – Higher divorce rate among couples raised in unhappy homes, by divorced parents, and / or following cohabitation Racial Background – Blacks are more divorce prone than whites at all educational levels Religion – Higher divorce rates among non- practitioners, lowest among conservative and orthodox practitioners Length of courtship – Inverse relationship between divorce rate and length of time Marriage age – Very high for those marrying in their teens Unaffecting rate – Interracial, mixed religion, sexual experience prior to marriage, age difference between spouses Cohabitation – Increases probability (85%) over those not cohabiting Causes of Divorce Marital Distress Models: – Enduring dynamic: what you see is what you get – Emergent distress: long term build up of conflict – Disillusionment: Unrealistic expectations – early exiting • Least support for the emergent distress model Ten areas most damaging and difficult to treat in marital relationships 1) Communication 2) Unrealistic expectations 3) Power struggles 4) Serious individual problems 5) Role conflict 6) Lack of love feelings 7) Little affection of marriage or spouse 8) Alcoholism
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