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Frederick Brown

Psych 12/10/12 Class 31 Chapter 11: Values and Spirituality: Transcendence Part 1 Values – Plus and minus cognitive adjustments, about importance of things – Give life meaning (purpose and direction) Values Gap – Many live by untested and unsupported assumptions – Flexibility needed to adjust to new values based upon “new truths” The Issues Conflicting values in different societies – What drives extreme behaviors – Willingness to kill others pre-emptively (tribalism, Islamism, etc) – Willing to die defensively to preserve these values? – Whose values are right? Quest for values – Few persons comfortable with doctrine of despair – Many realize that life is: – Good and worthwhile – Involves support, caring and love for others – Growing and becoming more complete and aware – Sense of well being, satisfaction, hope and optimism – All valued personal experiences Approaches to selecting values – When we need good information, scientific approach is the best method – When we need wisdom in applying information, personal experience and authority can be used Cultural Beliefs Systems – Each person walks by faith in their cultural traditions – Most act as if it is the only way to act – Often based only on self justifying opinion – Often believe their beliefs are “the best” Schwart's 10 Value Types – Power, Achievement, Hedonism, Stimulation, Self direction, Universalism, Benevolence, Tradition, Conformity and Security – Most people have a combination of types Ideal Values: – Purest forms, but usually not able to live by Operative Values: – Used for specific decisions and action Instrumental Values: – Long term means for achieving goals – Ex: honesty
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