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PSYCH 243 Lecture Notes - Mahayana, Golden Rule, Quran

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Psychology - CA
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Frederick Brown

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Class 32
Religion: Tying together meaning and values
Varieties of religious experience
Religion: Bind together – organize and make meaningful traditional beliefs
Creation stories of the universe for all religions using metaphors (word images)
Theology: (theo = god), (a study = logy) – relationship between the personal universal creation power
and creation
Spirituality: A mental state of transcending the physically observable in order to connect the
seemingly unconnected parts of self, life in general, and the physical universe; a universal conectedness
Ineffable experience:
An indescribable experience with deep meaning
Can only describe by shallow descriptions
Three Transpersonal Psychologies
Vedic Tradition of Hinduism
Originally abstract philosophical idea
Necessary creative power of all the universe: “Brahman”
Evolved into personal god – Ishwara – with divine qualities
Hinduism mistaken for a polytheistic (many gods) religion
Its actually monotheistic (one god)
Took on many personal forms
Parallels closely Christianity that has triune personality of:
Father creator
Son redeemer
Holy Spirit comforter
Roman Catholicism has added:
Virgin Mary
System of sanctified saints for special miracles
Main teaching text: Bhagavad-Gita, celestial song or song of god
Metaphoric battlefield conversation between a human pane
Two branches of Hinduism
Yoga of knowledge and Yoga of action
Yoga of Knowledge: Mahayana, for people of contemplation
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