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Psych 12/12/12 Class 32 Religion: Tying together meaning and values Varieties of religious experience – Religion: Bind together – organize and make meaningful traditional beliefs – Creation stories of the universe for all religions using metaphors (word images) Theology: (theo = god), (a study = logy) – relationship between the personal universal creation power and creation Spirituality: Amental state of transcending the physically observable in order to connect the seemingly unconnected parts of self, life in general, and the physical universe; a universal conectedness Ineffable experience: – An indescribable experience with deep meaning – Can only describe by shallow descriptions Three Transpersonal Psychologies Vedic Tradition of Hinduism – Originally abstract philosophical idea – Necessary creative power of all the universe: “Brahman” – Evolved into personal god – Ishwara – with divine qualities – Hinduism mistaken for a polytheistic (many gods) religion – Its actually monotheistic (one god) – Took on many personal forms – Parallels closely Christianity that has triune personality of: – Father creator – Son redeemer – Holy Spirit comforter – Roman Catholicism has added: – Virgin Mary – System of sanctified saints for special miracles – Main teaching text: Bhagavad-Gita, celestial song or song of god – Me
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