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Psych 12/14/12 Class 33 Universalizers: – The religiously advanced who go beyond their traditions currently accepted ideas – Unafraid of concepts of absolute love and justice, regardless of source – Often offend limited minds and often become “marginalized” or martyred Conflicting intellectual and faith development levels – Our earth is 2-3 billion years old – Life is at least 1 billion years old – Modern human form arose 100-200k years Error of scientific literalism – Single dimensionality – Role of science only to explain how and what, not why – Not accepting traditional figurative metaphors of creation used to describe impossibilities to know facts Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, but religion without science is blind.” Building a sound values system Values:An individual matter based on personal experiences and self-esteem – Integration with reality and day to day faith, not just religious: – Ranking of values – Riding out short term set backs – Realism requires flexibility: need to change with time – Meaning and satisfaction: end results of values Becoming an authentic person – Dedication to reality – Tough minded – C
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