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Nicholas Pearson

Class 4 – 01/19/12 Chapter 3 Maintain Self Esteem − Amadou Diallo (black guy) − February 4 , 1999 four white policemen mistook Diallo for a serial rapist − When he reached for his wallet they fired 41 shots, killing him instantly − How did this happen? − Self esteem maintenance − The officers saw what made them feel good about themselves − Social cognition approach − they were doing their best to judge the risks Two modes of social cognition − Automatic thinking − non-conscious, unintentional, involuntary, effortless − Controlled thinking − conscious, intentional, voluntary, effortful Automatic thinking: Payne 2001 − People presented with a black or white face for 200 ms (1/5 of a second) − Immediately followed by a picture of a weapon or tool − Participants told to ignore face, judge as quickly as possible whether second picture was a weapon or a tool Results of Payne Study 2 − When it was a black person's face, there were more errors to people who saw a tool, but said it was a weapon Schemas − Mental structures people use to organize their knowledge around themes or topics − Influence the information people notice, thing about, and remember − eg: going to a fast food restaurant and knowing what to do − Models in your mind of how something will play out − Examples: − The notes were sour because the seam split: bagpipe − The haystack was important because the cloth ripped: parachute − Schemas are automatic − Non-conscious − Unintentional − Involuntary − Effortless − Schemas are functional − Guide attention and memory − Help us interpret ambiguous situations − Which schemas are applied has important consequences for how we construe a situation − Accessibility: Extent to which a schema is at the forefront of our minds − Chronic accessibi
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