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Class 7 – 02/02/12 Chapter 4 - Social Perception Continued – Heider and Simmel – Heider Movie (shapes moving around a box, but we see it as a mean square chasing the smaller square and circle) – What do you see? – Is there a story? Reasons for the Correspondence Bias – Perpetual salience of actor – Two step process of attribution – assume its something about the observer – correct for the situation – More information about self than observers do Actor observer Differences In attribution – People more apt to see other peoples behavior as dispositionally caused than their own – Therefore, we commit the fundamental attribution error (FAE) more when explaining other peoples behavior than our own Self ServingAttributions – My own success it due to internal dispositional factors – BUT my own failures are due to external situational factors Motivated attributions – Spotlight effect – We're aware of the attributions that people make about us (as if there is a spotlight shining on us) – We often try to compensate for the dispositional attributions that others are likely to make (making a joke or comment about something embarrassing that happened – tripping) Dissonance Research – Why do people agree to tell lies, write counter-attitudinal essays, eat grasshoppers? – Why don't people know why they do these things? – The FAE! Summary of Research on the FAE – In general, westerners tend to make dispositional rather than situational attributions – But, we are better at detecting situational pressures when they happen to us – But, we will manipulat
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