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Nicholas Pearson

03/20/12 Chapter 10 – InterpersonalAttraction InterpersonalAttraction The Social Psychology of First Impressions – Propinquity effect – The more we see and interact with people, the more likely they are to become our friends – Familiarity leads to liking – Mere exposure – Zajonc: mere exposure leads to familiarity leads to liking – Cross et al. (1967) – Exposed mice to: mozart, schoenberg and no music – The mice preferred to listen to music (by pushing a bar) that they were familiar with Mita et al. (1977) – People like looking at their mirror image more than at a picture because we are more familiar with our mirror image Similarity leads to liking – Basic Research Paradigm – Exchange attitude ratings with another – More of the same attitudes = more liking – but only up to a certain point (about 80%) – Need for uniqueness – If they are too much like us, then we don't like them as much – Complementarity – opposites attract (little evidence that this is true) Reciprocal Liking – When we think someone likes us, we will probably like them more (self-fullfilling prophecy) – Additionally, if we think someone likes us, we will behave in a more likeable way toward them PhysicalAttractiveness Females: Darker skin, narrower face, less fat, fuller lips, more and darker eyelashes Males: Darker skin, narrower face, less fat, darker eyebrows, prominent lower jaw, prominent chin Babyfaceness Features: Large head, large curved forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth located relatively low on the face, large round eyes, small short nose, round cheeks, small chin Physical attractiveness leads to liking – Beauty leads to liking: Dion (1972) – Attractiveness matters, especially with a severe act – Clifford and Walster (1973) – Cute kids thought to have brighter future – Landy and Sigall (1974) – Cute women received a better grade for a bad essay Assumptions about attractive people – “What is beautiful is good” stereotype – The beautiful are thought to possess positive traits: – more sociable – more extroverted – more socially competent – more sexual – happier – more assertive – Physical attractiveness and sociability are related – could be a self-fulfilling prophecy Liking
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