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Nicholas Pearson

Class 22 – 04/12/12 Racism – Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman Case – White guy shot a black kid because he said he was attacking him In what form does racism persist? – Modern racism: outwardly acting unprejudiced while inwardly maintaining prejudiced views Automatic Prejudice – Quick, uncontrollable, negative response – Influence behaviors we're not monitoring or cannot control – Non-verbal behaviors toward anAfricanAmerican – Identifying weapons (Correll, Park, Judd and Wittenbrink) Controlled Prejudice – People's conscious beliefs – How they want to feel – Influences behaviors that people are monitoring and can control – Sentences recommended for black defendant (Dovidio et al., 1998) Gender Stereotyping • Sexism - (one example from the research) • Men’s ability is credited for their success • Women’s motivation is credited for their success • Men’s lack of effort is credited for their failure • Women’s lack of ability is credited for their failure Gender Differences: 3 questions • What are the gender stereotypes? • What are the actual differences in social behavior between men and women? • Where do these differences come from? Eagly’s Social Role Theory Gender-Role Self-fulfilling Expectations prophecy Division of Labor Sex Differences Between Sexes In Social Behavior (Based in part on physical differences) Acquisition of Sex-Typed Skills And Beliefs Heterosexism • considered in our society as the most "acceptable" form of prejudice • At one time in our society the maj
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