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PP 8ACH ProblemRed Hat Robbers Team ACH Accompanies Unit 2Lesson 13PurposeTo introduce the Analysis of Competing Hypothesis using the PARC ACH ToolBackgroundYou have been assigned to investigate a string of robberies that have occurred in recent weeks at various locations in State College The perpetrators have earned the moniker The Red Hat Robbers We will use this scenario to introduce Analysis of Competing Hypothesis in order to narrow down the suspect list What to dohgIndividuallyRead through all of the evidence and get familiar with the problemAs a TeamUtilize the following framework to solve the problem using ACH as your primary tool 1Define the Overall Issue what problem do you faceDetermining who committed the Red Hat Robberies2Define the Main Analytic Issue and state as a Question the key thing you want to solve for using ACHdirectly related to item 1 aboveIs the Red Hat Robbers a one man show or a group of people conspiring together3Define SubAnalytic Issues and state as questionsAre the robbers from KC or local citizens working in companies like Acme Plumbing4State Analytic Assumptions how you will frame your analysisThere was at least one robber running the showThere were innocent civilians being used in the bank heists without realizing itSome bank heists the evidence doesnt clearly state if the second man was in on the robbery or if he was being used as a pawn by the main robber in order to throw police of hisher trailThe robbers fled the crime 80 in a dirty up van that could have made it appeared colored even though it was most likely whiteThe robbers fled the crime 20 by foot sometimes without receiving any moneyThe robbers dont always have their masks on during the heist which can be due to lack of experience or part of the plan to fool eyewitnessescops5Construct an Initial Hypothesis List There is one robber VS There are multiple robbersRobbers flee in white van VS Robbers flee in colored van1
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