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Matthew CurtisSRA 23123 January 2014WA2 Describing my College DecisionPlanning to make a college choice using decision theories landed Matt at Penn State in the college of Information Sciences and Technology Thinking back to senior year of high school where I was trying to succumb the urges of senioritis I planned out my life after graduation based on three decision theories Descriptive Prescriptive and Normative Each of these theories changed my basic way of thinking from School sucks lets just go work to I cant stay in this town forever I need an education to make a happy life Being on the near side to graduation counselors required my class to think of schools we wanted to send in applications to hear back from as well as take a survey of what we planned on doing after we graduate Looking back at the previous graduating classes survey results I concluded that most of the students did 1 of 3 things First they gave up school after graduation and decided to just go straight to the world of working classes with strong taxes Next group of students decided they couldnt afford school or wanted more time to figure out what they liked based off of Gen Ed classes at Community College The last group were the students that didnt want to leave the state and went to the local universities UMD Towson Salisbury etc Based on this information I realized that I needed a more descriptive theory approach I wanted to go down in that survey record list as one of the few students who went to an OutofState university I now had a starting pl
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