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SOC 001
John Fulton

Sociology notes November 9, 2012 Outline  Primary groups  Socialization and the self Socialization Cartoons  Number of cartoons by topic demonstrates wide variety of: topics of socialization, agents of socialization  Does it also demonstrate especially important agents?  Socialization is critical for children to develop a sense of self  A sense of self is critical for learning  Synergy – all three elements build upon each other over time How does “family” work as an agent of socialization?  Satisfies primal human need for affection and comfort and reassurance  Possessed by all primates  Possibly many/most mammals? Primary groups  Family, closest friends  Groups we are in “for their own sake” (eg not for economic gain – or religious, educational, etc)  Intimate face-to-face association, cooperation  Can be very competitive Primary Groups  What do we want from out primary groups?  Their affection The power of the Primary groups  We will conform to any group norm (or try to look like we are conforming)  The foundational nature of culture:  To normal people, what sociologists call “norms” are reality  Thomas theorem Socialization  For individuals:  “Learn stuff”  “Become a person” How does the “self” arise?
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