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SOC 030 Lecture Notes - Premarital Sex

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SOC 030
Stacy Silver

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Soc 030
Class 6
Part 2 – Our definitions and beliefs are socially constructed
Groups decide what is true or right and live by these rules
Socially constructed beliefs, everyone just does what they are told to do because everyone else
is doing it
Ex: Short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
Ex: “The Emperor's New Clothes”
There tend to be certain messages in the media that are more dominant
Ex: Movie “The Village”
Ex: The polygamists make up their set of rules (multiple wives and children) and live by them
Consequences received by polygamists
Children are teased / get rocks thrown at them
Fear being seen as abusers
Lack of medicine / medical care because of discrimination
Negative effects on business
Social Perspective: If you can move between groups, then there can't be one right and one wrong one
Socially Constructed Beliefs
Culturally accepted (the norm)
Internalized by individuals (socialization)
Reinforced by actions of individuals and groups (social control)
Violaters are punished (social punishment)
The process by which we learn the ways of our group so that we can function successfully
within it
Family is the first place where we start to learn the rules of the culture
Socially Constructed Ideas
Change over time and place
Shared beliefs are reinforced by the culture through:
Religious teachings
Socialization in the family
Public opinion and behavior
Is our definition of the family (USA) socially constructed?
Monogamy (1 husband, 1 wife)
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