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SOC 030 Lecture Notes - Snow Patrol, Arson, Morality

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SOC 030
Stacy Silver

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Soc 030
Class 13
Video: I'm givin' up on love if loves givin' up on me
Girl commits arson on the guys house because he cheated
Couple is going to get married, but the guy says hes not ready
They both leave and she beats him with the flowers
Need Based Love:
Focuses on:
How partner / child will meet our needs
Obligations of love
Our point of view / desires
Expect partner to please us, seek our approval
For family:
Make us feel loved
Follow cultural rules – obedience
Don't embarrass us or family
Participate in family / holiday occasions
Moral code of European Knights requiring them to behave honorably, to protect, defend and
serve women, children, elderly and all who were weak and defenseless
Social gender expectation of men (not women)
Acceptance Based Love
When we include the other person's perspective
Responsible for own needs
Ex: I'm having my 60th birthday, and want my son / daughter to come, but they're too busy with
exams / thon / etc, so they accept that and have the party without making a problem out of it
Try to see how the other person is a human being different from us (take their point of view)
Family function: Affection / companionship
Video: Snow Patrol – You could be happy

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