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SOC 030
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 02/22/13 Class 17 Public Explanation – Effective birth control and abortion – Sexual revolution – Belief in personal freedom – College less parental – More students – Marry at later ages – Technology (physical culture) Scripts – Ways there are (norms) of things happening – Everything has a script – Socially constructed way of doing something ASexual Script – Set of culturally produced ideas that give specifics (who, what, where, when, why) of how a type of sexual encounter should go Asking to get married scripts – Guy gets down on one knee and asks – Offers the ring – Girl cries, and says yes – If she says no, then there is a glitch in the script Settings where you can have a sexual encounter – Wedding night – 50 Shades of Gray (whatever the heck that means) – Boyfriend girlfriend – frat – Hookup / one night stand – Prostitutes (paid) – Holiday – Make up (apologizing for something) – Break up – There is a script with each of these Definition
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