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Pennsylvania State University
SOC 030
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 03/ 29/13 Class 26 Private decision influenced by culture – PC = physical culture – CV = cultural value – Technology (pc) – More optional (cv) – Men's decisions (cv) – Older parents (cv) – Marriage? (cv) – Single parents (cv) Summary: Birth and Culture – Average: Men and women have their first baby at age 25 – Across all developed nations of the world, women are having their first child at older ages In 2008 the birth rate dropped for women in their teens, 20's and 30's Increased 4% for women 40-44 Another 4% for women 45+ Babies over 40 – More likely to be first baby – Age 40 = 10% chance of a pregnancy without technological help – Over 45, most pregnancies require donor egg – Harder to get pregnant – More risks to mother and BABAYYY Stats for same sex households – 84% of same sex households have kids – 65,000 adopted kids and 14,000 foster kids – Gay people take in the “hard to place” children – Children over age 6 – Children w/ speci
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