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SOC 119
Karyn Marvasti

February 7 2011Race is sociologically meaningful1Used to categorize people and explain behavioraAlso assumed to be predictive2People treated differently based on race3Race affects peoples life changes4Wealthpower unequally distributed according to race5Certain groups dont share in resources in proportion to their numbers6Prejudice and discrimination attitudes about race are still controversial and problematicaOvertcovertbLaissezfaire racism modern racismcInstitutional discrimination7Our society believes in race and we respond to each other as if race is realSocial factinequality X Essentialistinferior biology DENIALX Constructionistsocial structureCultural deficiencyblame the victims Race and life chancesopportunities to access resources1Health care access2Income3Wealtha81 of lifetime wealth is inherited from your parents4Poverty5Employment6Promotions7Housing8Education9Criminal justice system10Political power11Media representations12Acceptance of immigrantsAudit studiespair people on all factors except the factor you want to study To get the same sentence you have to have 500g of powder cocaine or 5g of crack cocaine Lingering social Significance of race1Race is on of the first things we notice about a person2We are uncomfortable when we cant categorize someone racially3We expect people to look and act a certain way according to racial labels4A Racial etiquette existsrace becomes common sense5Race operates as amateur biologyFebruary 9 2011Race1Biologically meaningless2Socially meaningful3Physical distinctions that have arbitrarily been chosen as relevant in order to separate groupsRacial group1A group considered by itself or others as physically distinct in some way that has been socially constructed as meaningfulEthnicity1Shared historical traditional and cultural features of people that make them distinctive and distinguishable from others shared heritageaCan include nationality language religion2Salience importance of ethnicity can be increased by discriminationEthnic group1A group in society distinguished by their history as well as by their traditions and culture heritage2May also be set apart by national origin3Often recognized by superficial biological features and treated as distinctive4PanethnicityKey analytic concepts1DimensionaThinkingfeelingbDoing2IndividualaPrejudicepersonal thinkingfeeling of hostility towards another groupbDiscrimination3Group or socialaIdeological racismstereotypical representations in mediabInstitutional discriminationINDIVIDUAL LEVELPrejudice1Set rigidly held negative attitudes beliefs and feelings towards members of another group attitudes2Tendency of individuals to think and feel in negative ways about members of other groups3Cognitive dimensionstereotypesaStereotypesgeneralizations about groups of people that are exaggerated overly simplistic and resistant to disproofbSelective perceptiononly seeing what you want to see 4Affective dimensionemotional responses5Can be unconsciousaversiveaAversive prejudicediscomfort and avoidance
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